Cosmetology Training at All Beauty College

The field of cosmetology involves a group of procedures that are used to enhance beauty. Cosmetologists often specialize in a specific part of the field, such as being a nail technician or aesthetician. All cosmetologists must take a state exam, however. Here at All Beauty College, all of our programs train professionals who are ready to take the Arizona state licensing exam and go on to be cosmetologists in their field of choice. Our beauty school is located on three campuses in Lake Havasu, Kingman, and Fort Mohave, in Arizona.

What is a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetologists are professionals who are trained in a variety of beauty procedures that involve the hair, nails, skin, and makeup. After graduation, many cosmetologists choose to specialize in a certain field in order to become experts, or because a job requires it. Beauty school training prepares cosmetology students to become hairstylists, manicurists, aestheticians, or makeup artists. Some graduates will choose to work in a mix of these fields, as a makeup artist and aesthetician, for example.

Hairstylists are responsible for services such as perms, waves, straightening, natural and artificial color dye jobs, and trims. Nail technicians provide manicures that may include massages, nail and cuticle trimming, artificial nail application and styling, as well as both plain and more elaborate nail polish designs. Aestheticians care for the skin, using massages, special scrubs, skin care masks, and more. Makeup artists use products such as blush, lipstick, concealer, and mascara to create the desired effects for their clients.

How do You Become a Cosmetologist?

Training for cosmetologists is required to be a minimum of 1600 hours in Arizona, whereas nail technicians and aestheticians can be licensed with only 600 hours of training. The greater hours requirement reflects the fact that cosmetologists are trained more broadly in a variety of types of beauty techniques. After completing an approved training program, graduates take a licensing exam from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology.

There is currently no requirement for continuing education in Arizona, whether you are a nail technician, aesthetician, or cosmetologist. Therefore, the renewal process for currently practicing cosmetologists consists of only an application and a fee. Licenses must be renewed every two years on your birthday.

Become a Cosmetologist at All Beauty College in Fort Mohave, Lake Havasu, or Kingman

Cosmetology is a growing field in the state of Arizona, and it is a great choice for people who enjoy the process of beautification, as well as spending time with clients. If the field of cosmetology sounds right for you, contact us at All Beauty College today. Our beauty school offers training at three campuses, located in Fort Mohave, Lake Havasu, and Kingman, AZ. Applications are available online, or we can be reached for questions at (928) 692-8802 .